You Never Know What Might Come Through Your Window

Disclaimer: this has nothing to do with a Melissa Etheridge song (some of you may pick up on that). This week, a deer came through a window at our local BB&T bank. It ran and jumped wildly through the bank until they were able to capture it and return it to its natural habitat. As you can predict, I see some life lessons here.

  1. Life’s wildest events happen unexpectedly. You are going about your normal routine when BAM! Nothing can truly prepare you for some things.
  2. Many of life’s events can change things permanently. For the bank, there was a lot of clean up afterward. Blood was everywhere. There were holes in walls. Glass was broken. Everything was in disarray. These things can be fixed, but those in the bank and those who came to the scene will not forget the event.
  3. There is life following the aftermath. Whether you have experienced a death of a loved one, a divorce, a job loss, or whatever difficult situation applies, Life does go on. It is not the same, but it does go forward.

You never know what might come through the window of your life. I can promise you this – God’s grace is enough to carry you through.

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