A List Of 13 Things A Parent Should Never Do When Trying To Raise Mentally Strong Kids. See How You Rate. If You Dare..

After reading this article I couldn’t help but notice that out of the 13 items listed we all are guilty of some of them at some point in our life – there just is no way to avoid all of them. However I will say that some very good points are made especially in the areas of overprotection,  not holding kids accountable and things like that that many parents do not do appropriately. The author of this article has been an award-winning Forbes writer and psychotherapist who is often called on to speak about this issue so she does have some credibility and I would suggest you to go through these items and just see if there’s anything that stands out to you immediately that you’re not doing or you’re doing wrong. and take  just go with the major issues that stand out with you.


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