We Never Ask For Money Here- Except Today- Just Read it Please.

Support This Evangelist In India- Hes Doing Alone What Many Would Not Attempt Here. When you click on the link below you will be taken directly to their website and photo galleries of all they have done to minister. You may want to turn the volume down when you first open the site because it starts with many former Hindus and others praising the Lord with no doubt they mean it! You will see a Pay Pal button on the site so do what you can. Remember if only 10% of us gave just 5$ that is 500$ and enough for this Christmas.

Help The Hungry In India Through Pastor Dileep

Here is his link above . This is actually Evangelist Dileep who started this little Christ filled church just 4 years ago by himself, now he is 27 I believe and has 75 new believers/ Now I tell you how he went from 15 to 75 with very little and how we all can help a ton by giving just a little..God blessed him a new beautiful wife just months ago as well!

Its time For Dileep in India to ask for donations so his small church surrounded by Hindu churches can do what they do – minister each Christmas by getting enough money raised give rice and beans to all the Hindus who have no food. By this simple act of reaching out his church has grown from 15 to 75 many of whom are former Hindus who could not ignore the Gospel being demonstrated right in their own homes by this very outreach.

It is unreal how many they can feed rice and beans to for a small amount. For example if only 10% of my readers gave 5$ each, they would have enough to serve rice and beans to all the surrounding homes this Christmas.

Folks we are talking 500$ total to do that much ministry. Please go to the little website Dileep has set up and there is now a pay pal button you can give right directly to them. They appreciate help to do this as this is their Christmas present to them. They love serving and even in the pastors day job the money goes mostly to get Bibles and food for their own church.

Giving to them is like stretching every penny 10 different ways as it is so inexpensive ( to us) to support them.


Please lets take a few bucks and let them feed more people.


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