Lets Keep Trying To Save Kids From Being Raped At Confession. Please Repost this…

As unbelievable as it is, SNAP is having to personally ask me to share this with my followers ( please share with yours too).

You know about Father Gondek who actually molested my own brother before my committed suicide leaving the perverted letters from Gondek for us to find.


I’ve tried to keep you posted about his now 22 long run of being a  child predator, who last year got another bust -this time 8 boys over  2 year period. Yep they had more living proof than anyone could ask for. So what did the church decide was proper punishment? Law enforcement? Oh no. They handle these things internally. As you may remember the church decided for his guilt with all 8 boys….


They should deport the first one that spoke up to Mexico to teach the others how stupid he acted. But there was more. They decided to give Gondek an early paid retirement, but with a double promise to pray a whole bunch during his retirement. If you just search my site with his name you can refresh your memory. Not even the Lexington NC Police would even take a report, thats how scared local law is to face a real child predator.

Here is a reminder shot of Father Albert Gondek who just got a promotion from Our Lady Of The Rosary church in Lexington NC for molesting 8 boys over 2 years..



Well, another huge cover up this time including a judge! I’m betting there i$ $olid money in that..

pope touching kids

Barbara who is the president of SNAP, sent the following email to beg me to read the link and fudged court rulings. Im going post the link at the bottom so you see how bad this is. Ive watched one predator who affected my own family for 20 years now. Never found guilty with all his accusations.

So here is her letter, and I know some of my own followers have 75k or even 100k followers of their own. If we all take 15 minutes to share it to every site we use I know a million people could see it by tomorrow night. Lets bust this pedophile playground ring up once and for ..it costs us nothing. Unless you are a child molester yourself I challenge you what quicker and stronger way to get the medias attention? We are these kid’s tools to freedom..Remember share the link at the bottom to the court outcome, not the email to me. That is just for your information and so you can contact Barbara at SNAP if you can help in any way.

At the bottom of this page you will find the link to the actual judges ruling post- you cannot click on it in this screen shot of the email.

Here is the actual article link to read and share. Not the above email to me!

thank you all-






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