.Are You Really Getting What You Need To From All Preachers?

Have you ever been to church where you got a ” Jesus high” or an emotional charge for a day or two but no change in who you are?

What are we supposed to get from Christian pulpits? According to the bible we are to get fed the Word of God. After all its the only book that is living and active – able to divide soul and spirit, joint and marrow. In other words no Max Lucado or Rick Warren book ( as good as they are) is ever going to have the power to actually change us as the Word of God can.

The fruit of the Word produces real change in us. It also is the sign of a church that is growing. Churches that are simply pew fillers will not become fruitful.

Today not too many are preaching the gospel without fluff. You can tell the difference in the growth pattern. The ones that keep the Gospel front and center are growing and flourishing. Those who just tell stories are loosing members because there is no life changing power in stories.

But the Word of God is sharper than a double-edged sword, able to divide soul and spirit. That is something want more of.

Just be careful not to quit going to church just not getting fed spiritually. find one that is preaching the Gospel. You will want to stay.

You should be hearing more of these type messages than stories. Watch below…

Amen sister.

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