Addictions – Guest Post By Anne Of Freedomborn … Aussie Christian Focus

This is a guest post by Anne, and I cannot tell you how powerful her personal open book , transparent style brings real change in the hearts and hopes of anyone struggling with afflictions , addictions, in Annes case both including bulemia and gambling and more…now she graciously mentioned my name even as partial inspiration for her writing this. I want to be clear I did not request that and maybe I made just a small financial seed to her ministry the day she wrote it, nothing I did or asked her was related to adding me..( I am kidding)


Anne truly is just that kind hearted.

Enjoy as I did several times her personal trials and victories..



BTW- As I am, I would recommend you follow her as she really writes from a perspective that changes hearts not just minds. Here is her home link-


If for some reason it wont take you there then just try manually typing it in your browser but don’t let this one get by.


  1. Thank you again Tj for your kindness in Re-blogging my Post and for your Supportive and Uplifting introduction…. by the way your check bounced, OK I’m only joking too, seriously what I shared about you has no earthly price tag it’s how I see you in my Heart, your kindness in seeking to help others recover both Spiritually and Physically as they work through their Addictions has indeed Eternal value both for them and you.

    God Bless you Greatly Tj in all that you do for Him – Anne.

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