Three. Simple. Words.

By the title, our minds could go a million placing trying to guess which three words I may address. I am actually going to address two sets of three words. We do not often hear these from others. These phrases are “I am sorry” and “I was wrong”. Both phrases are necessary in all relationships of life.

  1. Say them to your spouse. If you truly mean it and follow through with behavior change, these words will tear down walls that destroy many marriages.
  2. Say them to your children. You might think that that is a sign of weakness. I have had to tell my kids I was wrong and ask their forgiveness. I had their respect more than I would have by pretending I was right in my error.
  3. Say them to your coworkers. I had to do this as the leader of music ministries and as a pastor. The people under my leadership were quicker to follow my leadership when I owned up to my error or lack of leadership in a particular scenario. If you offend a coworker or mess up, get it right. You often spend more time with them than you do your own family. If you strut around like you do no wrong, you will kill workplace morale. Don’t compromise the future of your employment or the company by letting pride get in the way. 

I have dealt with people who admitted their wrongs and those who did not. Do you know who I respected? The ones who pointed their fingers back at themselves rather than pass the buck. Bigger than that, who do you think honors God more? Think about that one for a minute.

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