Which Way Do I Go?

As I announced to our congregation last week that we would be meeting at a different location beginning in November, I knew that God is in this. Today, I drove around looking at potential meeting places. At the end of the day, I have a few leads but nothing concrete. The one thing I had to do was pray as I drove around. I kept asking God where to turn. He showed me every turn and revealed to me the radius where we are supposed to stay. It was an exercise of dependence upon God.

What did I learn from it? I realized I do not depend upon God enough. I discovered that I walk in my own knowledge and strength frequently when I need to be praying and seeking God’s direction through the Scriptures and by His Spirit.

Maybe you are asking which way you need to go in life. You’re faced with decisions such as who to marry, which house to buy, where to go to college, or which investments you should or should not make. God guides these decisions as much as He does anything else. These things matter to Him. 

Romans 12:1-2 give some guidance in discerning God’s will. First, we must present ourselves as living sacrifices that are holy and acceptable to Him. We must come to Him in complete surrender as if we are handing God a blank sheet of paper. In the process, we are to be holy and acceptable to Him. Sin keeps us from discerning God’s will. Holiness helps us be in good fellowship with Him.

The second thing God says is to stop conforming to the ways of the world. The world tries to figure things out without God. The world’s “wisdom” is not wisdom. It is misguided direction that will lead you astray.

The third thing He says is to be transformed by the renewing of your mind. God must change the way you think to align with His ways. When you do these three things and test it, you will know the will of God.

Are you wondering which way to go? He will show you. But you must discover it His way.

I’ll close with this clip. It’s from an old cartoon. The question in the clip is “Which way did he go?” The Truth is that God doesn’t move. We do. We must seek Him.

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