Birthday Pondering

As I wrap up this 37th anniversary of my birth, I have contemplated many things. I don’t want to glory in past accomplishments but rather look ahead to a bright and glorious future. My life has been less than perfect, but God uses all kinds of people in His big redemption story.

Earlier this evening, I watched a message from the late John Osteen who founded Lakewood Church in Houston, Texas. When I was very hardened toward evangelical Christianity around 1996, I saw the old Lakewood telecast and saw the truth preached passionately yet lovingly. I didn’t realize until many years ago that he, like I, went through a divorce. It was even more taboo back then. He married Dodie Osteen, and they ministered beautifully together until his death in 1999. In the message I watched, he was preaching about his 75th birthday and how he would consecrate himself anew in some areas.

I am only about halfway to 75, but I want to consecrate myself afresh and anew in these areas. If you can set aside some time to watch this message, I encourage you to watch and consecrate yourself anew to the Lord and His purpose for your life.

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