Sometimes You’ve Just Gotta Take the Plunge

Life is full of risks. I don’t think we realize the risks we take. When we get in the car and drive, we risk the possibility of an accident. When we eat a meal, there might be a slight possibility of an allergic reaction or that the cook in the kitchen may have poisoned it. We are quicker to put more trust in our vehicles, other drivers, and strangers who prepare our meals than the God who holds together the universe. I am often among the guilty.

Yesterday, I made an announcement to our church. For the last 8 months, we have rented a facility for the cheapest price imaginable. I have had an unrest in my spirit for some time. When I went to pay for the month of October, God confirmed it was time to take a plunge. I announced to our people yesterday that we would be meeting somewhere else beginning in November. I’ll tell you why this is a plunge.

  1. We still do not have the finances for the necessary legalities. 
  2. Our weekly giving is minimal.
  3. We do not have any equipment because all of it is provided by the current facility. 
  4. We have no supporting church.

Here is what we do have:

  1. People who want to serve.
  2. People who have a vision to reach all people groups.
  3. Five core families who believe in what God is doing.
  4. A God-sized vision that will only happen through His doing.
  5. Our first person who does not know me but found me on Facebook and is sending a sacrificial monthly gift because she believes in what God is doing in and through us. This message came to me a week ago.

Sounds like a plunge, doesn’t it? I am crazy enough to believe that God is going to provide every bit of what we need and give us a place to worship that will lead to greater impact than what we have seen thus far. 

You may be reading this, and you’re not a religious/spiritual person. I have never forced that on anyone. You might be the kind to play it safe rather than take the plunge. You will take the plunge when you truly believe in a cause bigger than yourself. When you are fully invested in something, you will take this crazy risk and see great things happen. You may not get it right the first time, but many successful people didn’t either. Go ahead! Take the plunge! 

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