Last night, we were supposed to have small group Bible study at our house. We were without power, so I went ahead and cancelled a few hours before due to the challenges we would face with the power outage. 

When I made the call, I knew I could not just go through the night without a spiritual recharge. I decided to ask my Facebook friends which churches in our area had a service with music and rock-solid preaching on Wednesday. I received a few suggestions before services would start. I knew I didn’t want to go to the typical Wednesday night service where it’s 15 minutes of hearing about everyone’s ailments followed by a cut-and-dry sermonette. I like substance and passionate presentation. My administrator at work recommended her church, so I went. The pastor was on fire, the music was Spirit-filled, and the atmosphere was uplifting. 

Unless you minister on a regular basis, you don’t realize how you need to hear from someone other than yourself. I love to preach, but I needed to hear this man who had a fire in his bones as described in Jeremiah. 

Do you need re-fueling? You cannot run on empty. You must daily feast at the Lord’s table. He ministers through your personal time in Scripture, in prayer, fasting, corporate worship, small group Bible studies, through teaching you hear or watch. One day per week is not enough, no matter how great the preacher is.

Set the time aside. Re-fuel. Your family will benefit. Your church will benefit. You will benefit. And God will be glorified.

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