Happy 2nd Anniversary to My Wife!

Today marks my 2-year wedding anniversary to Jennifer! I have been amazed at how sweet the last two years have been. It seems like yesterday that we met. It was actually June 23, 2015. A co-worker invited me to a Nerium party. For those who don’t know what that is, it’s a skin-care product. This co-worker had told each about the other, and this was her way of introducing us. My now wife stalked me on Facebook and became my friend the night before. I gladly accepted the request because I saw she was an attract believer who was available😀. I hope that doesn’t sound too shallow. We messaged back and forth that night and discovered we knew a lot of the same people. Then comes the Nerium party. I’m the only guy. Surprise, huh? Here I am with my co-worker, future wife, future mother-in-law, and future stepkids. Everyone left, we talked forever, and the rest is history.

I knew after a difficult marriage that I wanted to remarry. Some thought I was crazy. I was taking a big gamble. What if this marriage would fail like the first? So many things to consider. We both had children involved. I was a man in ministry. With all these factors, neither of us ran. We married rather quickly. Not because we had to, but because we knew what God was doing.

I hope this is a word of encouragement to those who have suffered the sting of divorce. God can send you the kind of person you asked Him for. When you are seeking Him, He will align circumstances for you. Don’t settle for the devil’s imitation. You too can enjoy the joy of marriage in the will of God. Happy anniversary, Jennifer!

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