Answered Prayers

Today, I was reminded of how we pray for things and act like it’s no big deal when God answers it. I was convicted of that today. I took my mother this morning for a follow up appointment after she had a horrible reaction to eye drops. She ran into several dead ends for successful treatment until last Monday. Today, the doctor encouraged her to finish her latest medication and schedule an eye exam. My first thought was, “I’m glad this is finally over because my mom has suffered long enough with no answers.” Then God reminded me, “I answered your prayer and the prayers of those who prayed over her during worship. Don’t forget to give me the glory.”

When was the last time God answered your prayer? How did you act? Did you act like someone who got his/her way, or did you recognize that God moved in a way that no human being could?

I hate that I brushed through and almost missed that God did a miracle. The doctors were bouncing her around, and the answer was not in our timing. One thing came from the delay – we appreciated the answer more.

When God answers your prayer, don’t take Him for granted. Stop and recognize the source of the blessing.

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