Who Is My Neighbor?

Someone sent a song to me recently that speaks of how the church needs sound doctrine but also needs love. This is a rap that is not all that old. I know that many of you may not like raps that have Christian lyrics, but I could not deny the power of the lyrics. 

While many today are proposing that most people who attend church want a very shallow experience, I beg to differ. They want substance balanced with relevance. It takes work to present truth in a way people can understand, but it can happen.

I expressed to our people at Overcomers today that I have no desire to abandon sound doctrine. I do, however, want to reach this generation in a relevant way without compromising biblical principle. Some say it can’t be done. I disagree. I want to balance that with love.

Another blogger wrote a post today about religion versus relationship. I encourage you to check out The Way Online. It seemed to reiterate in some ways what I preached today about the Good Samaritan. Two religious leaders passed by the wounded man because someone may think lowly of them or that they may get into some messy ministry. The Samaritan, a reject by society because he was half Jew and half Gentile, went above and beyond to care for the wounded man. When an expert in the Mosaic law asked Jesus who was his neighbor, Jesus used this parable. The man concluded at the end of the dialog that the Samaritan was the one who acted neighborly.

Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood taught us that everyone is our neighbor. That includes the drug addict, alcoholic, pimp, prostitute, thief, gossip, hypocrite, and anyone who doesn’t give us warm, fuzzy feelings.

This week, you may encounter some of these. You will encounter difficult co-workers, beggars in front of Walmart, and countless others. I challenge us all to love these our neighbors as much as we do ourselves.

I’ll leave you with the song I mentioned at the beginning:

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