I Want to, But I Can’t 

Depression is something that has plagued many people. Even the prophets in Scripture had moments of depression. A pastor who does not struggle with depression once explained to me that he felt that many condemned Elijah after the Mount Carmel experience in I Kings 18 for his depression when this pastor saw it as his adrenaline bottoming out after the exhilarating emotional experience on the mount. That makes sense to me. I pour my heart and soul into preaching on Sundays, and my energy bottoms out afterward.

Many have a major struggle. They desire to do things, but they cannot muster up the emotional strength to complete the task. It is not that they are lazy, but something in their body is not functioning correctly and they need help.

Before you criticize someone who struggles with depression, please do your best to be understanding. The cause can be a physical, emotional, or spiritual trigger. You may not understand it, but I encourage you to do your best to encourage and pray for the one who is struggling. You cannot fix that person. Sometimes they may even drain you. If it is to that point, the individual needs a professional counselor who can help him or her with this.

Do not ever think that you are immune from depression. I have known people who never struggled until one day it hit them like a ton of bricks. It could happen to any of us, so let’s be careful to refrain from condemnation.

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