How Many Spouses Do You Have? (You May Not Get the Answer Right)

A pastor I once worked with was teaching the youth during VBS (how well-churched people abbreviate Vacation Bible School, a week long program during the Summer for kids to learn more about the Lord, Scripture, etc.). He asked this question to the youth and adults who were assisting – “When does marriage begin?” We had our traditional answers, but we knew he would go deeper into the Bible than what we were thinking. His answer was “consummation”. He then asked us to look at I Corinthians 6:16 which says, “Or do you not know that the one who joins himself to a prostitute is one body with her? For He says, ‘The two shall become one flesh.'” 

The one flesh principle was instituted by God for marriage, and Paul was saying to these Corinthian believers who were committing tons of sexual sin that everyone they have sex with is entering into something reserved for marriage. This pastor then asked, “How many people have you married?” You could hear a pin drop.

This is not popular preaching or teaching, but it is biblical. People do not realize how deeply the emotional connection can develop through what someone views as casual sex. There’s nothing casual about it. Eventually people become desensitized to the overall effects of sexual relations with multiple partners, but lives can easily go out of control.

There is forgiveness through the blood of Jesus Christ. He doesn’t give you virginity back or undo what has already been done, but He gives healing and can help you move forward in the beauty of what God intended.

I want to close by sharing a testimony of someone who once lived a life full of sexual sin. She turned her life over to Christ, and now she has a story of redemption and restoration to tell. I believe you will be blessed by it.

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