The Red-Headed Stepchild

A huge part of me cringes to use this title because I have 2 precious children with red hair. Boy, was it a surprise! This phrase is often used to describe when someone is treated strangely, like they don’t belong.

As Christians, we are “red-headed stepchildren” because our citizenship is not of this world (Philippians 3:20). We are here on earth, but we do not think or operate like the world’s system. 

The saddest part is when you are the “red-headed stepchild” among those who are supposed to be likeminded. Maybe God is teaching you things and has you in a different part of your walk with Christ than He does others. Those who are supposed to be your Christian brothers and sisters will often misunderstand you and even ostracize you because you are outside the box. Your growth may not fit within a denominational framework or your cultural setting.

Don’t blend in! You were created to be different. Don’t cave in to the pressure to conform to what every other “good church person” does! Those who revolutionized Christianity over the last few centuries were those whose vision challenged the status quo. Today, they are heroes. Then, they were heretics.

I know you feel like an outcast. Been there and done that! What drives me is the knowledge that God has started this work in me and will complete it. Stay the course, my friend! 

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