Priest accused of groping teenage girl in NJ is released from jail- But Still Nobody Wants To Hear About The Father Gondek Case?

Here we go again…a priest is rightly charged as he touched a minor . Yet each day when I look down at my notes, that one story I’ve begged the press to look into, one alleging one priest ( Father Albert Gondek) molesting 6 boys repeatedly over two years, with PROOF!

But the law seems intimidated by the feminine mafia in the Charlotte North Carolina diocese.


When will this end? And shame on you if you still attend a Catholic church and give your mega bucks to it in hopes your sins will be forgiven. If you only knew what your money goes to. It could be for defense attorneys, if your priest happens to be one of the 30k accused priests…

Possibly it may be going to pay off the victims so they won’t go to trial..the current tab for that catholics? How about 6 Billion dollars? With a ” B “.

You still feel good about giving your kids and money over for them to rule over?



  1. priests are not exempt from sin.. they are humans… Just like the rest of us. you will find murderers, rapist and child abusers in all walks of life. Should they be held at a higher moral pedestal? perhaps…
    just like the cops who kill people, or wait… the people who kill cops, the senator who got caught up in a prostitution ring or drug cartel….the political leaders who sanction mass murder…

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