Contemporary Worship Leader Available

I know what all the young preachers want. They want something “lit”. They want a guy who is ripped, hot, and will draw women by the masses to their church (but they can’t be hotter than the lead pastor). 

In order to attempt to fit the bill, I went out and bought a new wardrobe and learned 4 guitar chords. You know the kind all the hipsters wear. I got the skinny jeans, t-shirts, the right kind of shoes, and took the air compressor to my hair to get just the right look. My physique isn’t so compatible with skinny jeans (even after I greased myself with Crisco). I hope you can look past all the pictures below and see that I tried hard to be the kind of worship leader that all the “new traditional” (I mean contemporary) churches are looking for. Please be kind as I bear my soul to my blog followers.

My hair

My t-shirt and jeans
My shoes

Seriously, I did none of the aforementioned things. I am who I am and do my best to surrender to the Holy Spirit. I don’t apologize that I’m not like someone else because God created me with my unique personality and gifts. 

If you’re reading this and are trying to be someone you’re not, set yourself free. Be who God created you to be with your skill set and personality. People know when you’re fake and want something real. Be who you are and let God use the man or woman He created.

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