Spiritual Life Coaching

For many years, I thought it was taboo to go to a counselor or life coach. I was a pastor. What if people found out? My perspective changed in 2013 when I knew I was headed for divorce and full time ministry would more than likely not be an option because many within my former denomination thought that a divorced man was done. Thus began the search for a life coach. This life coach helped me discover some potential options for employment through a series of tests plus counseled me through the initial shock. 

In 2014, I moved back to where I currently live and was provided some free counseling sessions. That was the beginning of a breakthrough. Note that I used the words “the beginning”. I had a LONG way to go!

You may read this and hesitate because of the church’s stigma on counseling and life coaching. Maybe you think that life coaching from a biblical perspective won’t be very relevant. I can promise you it is much more relevant than you realize. The first book of the Bible deals with dysfunctional families, sexual predators, baby mamas, and a ton more. Let’s face it! The Bible is an historical soap opera. If you think we are the only generation that is messed up, read the Old Testament book of Genesis. That’s just a start! 

I’m just a shy, backward guy from Virginia that God called into ministry and changed my life. My bio on here gives you my background, but I’m just an ordinary guy who keeps it real. Screw the hypocrisy and pretense! It’s time to get to the heart of the matter and help you be successful and victorious in life. You can break the cycles and defy the labels. I’m here to help. 

Email me at matthewwinters1980@gmail.com 

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