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I have heard this song by Garth at least 10k times if I have heard it once. Always liked it and even knew most of the words. However until this past weekend, I had no idea what the true meaning of the song was.

Now, I get it. I really do. It is not just a song. It is a story.  Its a lifestyle. Its my son.

So some of you remember I recently shared that my youngest son Jesse-19 had moved to Texas to follow the Professional Rodeo circuit. He did not get a warm welcome. Just weeks after moving he took off on a multi-state rodeo trip.

This past Sunday I got this text-

Jesse ” dad, just case you want to know, I am in a Minneapolis hospital awaiting surgery. A bull stepped on my leg at last nights rodeo and snapped it clean in half like a twig. Yeah you should have seen it sticking out of my jeans”

Me- “Huh”

Me ” You mean hospital , hospital, like surgery surgery?”

Me thinking to myself ” Do I drink?”

Jesse ” Yeah but anyway I cannot understand what these people are saying dad. They talk funny. This lady asked me like 4 x if she could get my ” beck” and I told her I don’t have a beck.  Then she pointed at my gear bag. I guess beck means bag up hear”

Me- ” Are you ok? Are you upset about your career or what is the deal? What are they saying?”

Jesse ” Dad, I said my LEG – that’s a long way from my heart. They say after surgery I can get my cast off in 6-8 weeks. Its just going to drag my comeback out. I guess they are putting a metal rod in my leg to hold the bones together.”

Later on -After Surgery

Jesse ” dad- here are some pics of my new rod and cast. wp-image--1313380251No need to fly out- my girl is flying in to drive my truck home to Texas. Love you -talk to you later”.





And today I just got a report from Jess that the doctor in Texas took his cast off and is letting him be wrapped in an ACE bandage.. Now its a matter of strengthening his leg muscles around the rod, learning to walk on that leg and then to jump off of a bull with a long metal rod in his jump off leg..It would not hurt my feelings at all if y’all kept Jesse in prayer for a healthy and speedy recovery.. Thanks!





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