Got My First ” Your Blocked ” Yesterday. It Was Not All I’d Hoped It Would Be…

Its been 4 years with pretty much peace here on my site. Really other then a few strongly disagreeing people, I have had smooth sailing . Now you may recall I did have a true to life stalker last month. 

It was..OK. Meh..Vanilla, no back and forth or weirdness and they just left in peace when asked . I’m not sure I would even give her full credit for being a legit stalker. 

However yesterday my life was changed. I was doing the usual , posting , then doing other stuff, then posting, then doing other stuff. All of  the sudden , like a fisherman seeing his line and pole go fast and furious in a downward motion , I got SLAMMED about some post. I know it was political and I think it was a pro- Trump post, but really nothing offensive. Except to this person. 

Here is where I’m troubled; I had no chance at recovery, or even reeling that hater in for a talk. It went down like this- I posted and about 30 minutes later I get a hit…( I’m still on the fishing illustration) my pole was bouncing up and down like a bad check and I was excited to see some action! So I waited quietly as not to spook it…

Suddenly out of nowhere, in my face in CAPS is this ….” HATE SPEECH” . So I felt right away this was going to be a battle. I gently tossed out some bait , just enough to lure them closer. But they didn’t go for it and as soon as my bait was laid out, they were bolting away, I could sense it. Next thing I know I have a last messsge, again in bold saying  ” You Are Blocked ” . 

What??? You can’t block me! Im up! I looked over my shoulder to see if maybe it was a mistake, but no. They were gone. No debate, no jabs, not even a friendly exchange agreeing to disagree. 

I went back to the scene today. Yep I wanted to face it head on so I pulled to yesterdays comments and and scrolled right right to it . Cold as ice. 

So if any of you are wondering what it would be like to test the waters on the other side, slow your roll..There is nothing to it . Nothing to see. 

I can only hope my first insult  maybe involves a little back and forth. Oh well. Good thing I don’t take these things personal. 


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