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This is an article I just ran across and wanted to comment on. Many people think that if a Christian says that homosexuality should not be welcomed in the church that it is a personal issue. That is not the case. Anytime any one of us human beings who claim to worship the same God, and believe in the same bible should be ready and willing to be held accountable to God’s word. As a matter of fact we should welcome correction so we know we are taking steps to live our lives according to Gods will.


Now folks out there who think its bigotry to call out homosexuality in the church….you need to understand we would call out murder too. Or Coveting. It is not just you that is being called out, its you that is not willing to be held accountable to God’s word, which you claim to believe. There is no amount of lipstick you can put on this issue to make it seem ” OK ” with God. Do you really think you are going to put lipstick on a pig, and fool God? He is God.

You do realize you are just as accountable as me and all the rest, right?

Answer me.


See, denial. That is just what I thought.


I could likely find a  way to spin some scripture to say that robbing Brinks trucks bring glory to the Lord. Do you really think that even if I slid by all the earthlings as my convincing was so excellent -that God will be fooled? Seriously. I sometimes wonder if most of these people are truly closet atheists because  I don’t know how else  you could keep the charade going and still sleep at night without going crazy from shame and guilt. I know when someone calls me out on something I am violating the Word on, I feel a sense of shame, conviction, and guilt and sometimes even get sick because I know what I have done. So rather than pretend you do not see something in scripture that is very clear , or try putting the lipstick on, I think it would be better to make a decision to follow God 100% or not.

In the bible the Lord talks to the church at Laodecia, saying ” so then because you are lukewarm neither hot or cold, I will spew you out of my mouth. ” The church was just blah..not showing any concern for the things of the Lord. Yet you all take it a step further and try to manipulate God’s own word. Not just luke warm but actually twisting truth. My question to you is even if you can fool the entire world, what will you do when you actually have to face the truth? Just food for thought.

Father James Martin wants to change the relationship between the queer Catholic community and the Church.

via The Celebrity Jesuit Connecting With LGBTQ Catholics — Longreads

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