1. Your welcome. I don’t think many Christians even know what entails witchcraft. Lots go to palm readers or play around with fire and think its fun and games but have no clue the spirits they are opening up to. If you have more detailed auto biography or plan to write one I’d like to share it with my readers. My email BTW is tim@dontlabelmykid.com in case you want to send me anything ..or just keep in touch. BTW, how was the response to the post?

      1. Thank you for your interest but no I haven’t written a Book, I wouldn’t have started a Blog either but God called me to do so through the faithful encouragement of a Christian friend, although at the time it was not my intention because with my being Dyslectic I can’t write fluently except when Blogging or with some e-mails but mostly these are short and to the point. Thankfully for Firefox I have help with my spelling now but I’m still a cracked vessel, how wonderful that God is The Superglue.

      2. Well one would never know that you had any weaknesses in writing. That in itself is a great witness to non- believers…who at some point may ask you how you do what you do. I believe that is why God allows weaknesses in our lives, to be witnesses to his power

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