Are You Looking for Something Real?

How many of you who are reading this feel like everywhere you turn you bump into fake? It reminds me of the man who met this gorgeous woman who could sing beautifully. He was determined to marry her, so marry her he did. They went on their honeymoon. Naturally, he was anticipating the events of the evening. As she prepared for bed, she removed her eyelashes, wig, teeth, glass eye, and prosthetic leg. He took one look at her and said, “Sing, baby, sing!” 

I can just about guarantee that came out of a corny joke book, but so many people are fake. So many products are fake. Few people and items deliver the results they promise. Maybe you have tried something in hopes that you would change. It could be a weight loss plan, an exercise plan that promises you will go from 400 pounds to looking like Arnold Schwarzenegger. You were promised a 6-pack in an infomercial and still have a keg.

In a world full of fake and unkept promises, I’m still crazy enough to believe that there are people who want something real. They don’t want the same predictable results. They’re tired of addiction programs that make problems worse, counselors who don’t address the root issues, churches that simply have meetings with big crowds where nothing meaningful takes place. They’re tired of going to doctor after doctor who will send you through the same tests, fill you with the same pills, and make you worse than you were before. 

I bet you might be thinking, “Matthew’s writing sounds a lot like TJ.” I can tell you one thing – we are likeminded. We have been through some things in life, have been given some cheap substitute, and we eventually found something that worked and changed our lives. He and I have totally separate vocational backgrounds, but we have something in common – we want to help people. We are tired of seeing others discouraged and disappointed because they tried something that is simply theory that has not been tried and found true. We’re sick of the fads and have enough experience and knowledge to know there is a better way.

Things are shaping up, and we are beginning to get a clearer vision of why we have partnered up. Others are getting the vision. People are sick and tired of the methods promoted by experts that fail time and time again. 

Are you looking for something real? This is not a time where I brag on Mike, TJ, and myself. Through circumstances in life, we learned authenticity the hard way. Now we want to reach out and help others. Our contact info is here on the site. We are here for you.

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