Who Does NOT Follow Don’t Label My Kid! ? Show Of Hands If You Will?

I have been having trouble with my follow button lately. Right when I was approaching my 1 millionth follower too…



Or something like that -I guess I rounded up. It is not a crime…but seriously I would like to formally invite those of you who visit here almost daily yet clearly have a fear of commitment. We just want to include you in any goings on at Don’t Label My Kid! But for you holdouts , its due time to make it known that you actually read us. When you are here almost every day and liking my posts but never follow, I feel..well cheap. Used. Dirty like I need a shower. Like you should have taken me for dinner and drinks at least ….so make things right. Plus I am contemplating writing a tell all post about those who use me but wont commit…

Follow button and newsletter sign up on front page . We are growing and planning some very cool things for YOU! That’s hard to do it we don’t know who you are though. Follow us!



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