People In All My Years As Disgusting As I’ve Seen , I Never Thought I’d See A Child Predator Try And Make It Legal …A Bishop Of Course…My Lord..Have Mercy On His Soul.

I want to type but I have no words. I may add on later. Just read..



      1. We agree. Syracuse is not far from here and we hadn’t heard of that scandal. In 40 years have worked with many of that bent. The devastation it causes is horrible.

      2. The thing that really worries me is that the general public has to know that thousands of little kids are being raped in the church but can ignore it. The next biggest problem is that nobody seems to have the guts to call out the pedo-pope, as he is a TOTAL supporter of these freaks. Nobody is connecting the dots that the fish always stinks from the head down. . They don’t need to be Colombo either, just listen to the popes comments about having more mwrcy on poor pedophiles… Huh? Inside job all the way ..

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