Megachurch Pastor Longs for Something More

Beyond the programs, lights, and hype, Pastor Francis Chan longed for a more biblical expression of who the church is supposed to be. This article shares his journey. I can identify although I never served a church that large.


      1. Yes. We sometimes preach but don’t practice what we preach. One thing in our ministry we have discovered is people don’t want to be told they need to be shown. So many so called church leaders want the people to come to them but they are not willing to go to them. As we minister in our travels we make every effort to build a relationship with the people we meet and that means stepping outside of self and the perceived importance we ascribe to ourselves and truly get to know the other person. This is when He soars. What did Christ do… He went to the people and they came to Him. Blogging can be a good example. Often time people develop sites to promote the Lord and His word but don’t go to the sites of others to see how the word is being played out in their lives. Chans book “Crazy Love” touches on this.

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