All Alone At The Local Cafe This Morning For Breakfast….And I Like It.

I have an appointment this morning but it was one of those mornings when I was ready to rock and roll like an hour and a half before I needed to be. I got tired of looking at the clock, out the window,  so I decided to go early, and sit down in the cafe nearby my appointment. It’s a quaint and very nice place with cherrywood floors, art lined walls and fresh baked pies.

It’s owned and run by a Jewish family, who happen to all be there and working the place. It is a neat place, I snapped a pic of one if the corners to show you.  

With all the nice things and friendly faces, good food and all, I still felt something was missing. For a while I could not pinpoint it, but then it struck me . A few things are missing. 

1- Drama


3- Complaining 

The things that I was missing were things that often occur when people get together with unstructured time on their hands. I liked it. I didn’t have that uneasy feeling you get when a person is doing their best to gossip with you-  but your not biting. That gut feeling of being uncomfortable when a person is trying to get a fire started so the group can establish some amount of drama.

What started out as a lonely,  poor me -having breakfast alone morning, has concluded as a total hour of pure peace. Just nothing but enjoying my breakfast. Its a shame I noticed it. It seems like it should be the other way around -a rarity to NOT be at peace in the company of others.


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