Do You Think We Are Getting Enough For The Baby Parts We Sell? I Mean From Our Planned Parenthood Dollars….Read On.

I was listening to the latest report by Planned Parenthood ( you know the condom giving pregnancy prevention place) and I must admit, I was shocked at what I heard. I mean they cannot do it all. I get that they cannot prevent every pregnancy and stop EVERY abortion. It is sad to think that even one baby would have to be murdered, but like I said they just cannot be everywhere , all the time. We pay tax dollars to the non-profit to handle business and give young girls a way out. Noble.

I just got to thinking about when that rare time does come when they are forced to perform an abortion. Just how much are they getting for the parts? I mean I have not checked on the going rate of a set of baby toes – but as a non-profit they  should be shopping prices and including it into their report. They owe that to us. I may be splitting hairs here so I will quit and just give an update on the general numbers.

Last year, our tax dollars went for 113 abortions for each adoption.

So you see how they should feel some obligation to reveal how much the parts are going for. What if they are getting 100$ for thumbs and they only report 25$ to us? How about if they tell us that the legs are hard to sell but later we find out they have a secret buyer for 90$ each? How would we know? So I am sure you agree when looking at the whole picture-that there needs to be some accountability there, correct? Any other investor or shareholder would demand exact numbers. We should too.

 Any other major issues to be concerned about?

I keep feeling like I am missing something, its killing me. I cannot put my finger on it so I will put it to rest.. It could not hurt to write a letter about the exact profit on the parts though. Am I being too hard on them?  I can take feedback, so you speak up if I am missing anything.

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