Please- Pray For This Young Man..And Also For Mine. Healing Needed Lord!-     UPDATE-3/19/2017


Bull Rider Gets Crushed By His Bull

Click link above to the full story of bull-rider in a coma right now.

UPDATE-:Bradie is in an induced coma as he entered the hospital with no heartbeat, no BP, no pulse so they are trying to stabilize him. I also got another call from my son last night telling me his best friend was the rider next up in that rideo. Horrifying. But not too big for God so keep those hands together!


jesse gate


As many of you are aware my 19 year old son Jesse ( above) is a professional Bull-Rider and Champion of the Southern States.  Just today he called me for fathers day from Utah, to wish me a happy day and share with me in his excitement of having won 1st place in last nights rodeo in Utah. I was ecstatic for him as usual when he wins -but had not heard yet about Bradie here. Jesse obviously had not either or he would have told me.

jesse clous 9
Jesse-Cloud 9

This just hit a little too close to home for me, and I want to ask all the praying people out there to intercede now on Bradie’s behalf for his healing and restoration. These guys are in a dangerous sport for sure but they have worked very hard to rise to the top at their young ages . I cannot imagine if it was Jesse laying there. Do not want to imagine.

champion jesse

micah and jesse

Jesse with my oldest son-Micah

So lets pray for Bradie and his family now, and I will also ask that you lift up Jesse as well and ask God for his continued  hedge of protection from any serious injury.

Thank You




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