Update ; Father Albert Gondek- Sexual Predator.Hope You Haven’t Eaten Yet..

I recently found this article posted by a close friend of Father Albert Gondek on his 2007 accusation of sexual misconduct in the same church in the same state of Lexington North Carolina. As you can see the author has  nothing but positive words to say. He  is a great man and  would do nothing to harm anybody.  If that poor man knew what he was really doing.

And that was his last accusation. You can see how people would think that there’s nothing wrong with him when somebody would write an article especially another Pastor clearing him of any wrong doing when he didn’t even know the outcome of the investigation back then. I wanted you all to see how the system works. He actually was getting prayers for him during this time instead of being investigated. Then the big party to welcome in back to his playground to continue to molest more kids over the years..sad..



  1. We have a corrupt religious God that distorts goodness and mercy in favour of sin and debauchery .. I follow God the Father of the People and have done for many years .. Shared this on updated site to get the truth out their .. Ian

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