Spiritual Healing

spiritual healing

This is the first time I (Matthew Winters) have posted on DLMK since TJ and I have been partnering and working on this site and its services together. I really like the mission on which we are embarking because it touches on three major things: mind, body, and soul. TJ addresses the mind, Mike the body, and I the soul. As a hospice chaplain, it reminds me of how our team works as an interdisciplinary team. We realize that mind, body, and soul all play a part in life (specifically the end of life in hospice).

My heartbeat for over 20 years now has been to help people spiritually. My greatest fulfillment is in knowing that God has used me to help somebody find their ultimate God-given purpose and live it. You will notice my writing will be straightforward and authentic. I got tired of textbook ministers a long time ago. Through difficulties on several levels, God drove me to the point of just being real. I no longer wanted to be the robot that Bible college and seminary tried to produce. God can’t stand fake. He knows everything about us anyway, so no fooling Him.

So my mission is to help people embark on a journey of spiritual healing. I’m not talking about some mystical thing or a palm reading. I’m talking about Jesus Christ being the answer.

I must confess that when I typed the title “Spiritual Healing”, I began to think about the Marvin Gaye song “Sexual Healing” (some of you are thinking “Bad preacher!”). If you don’t know the lyrics, he sang, “When I get that feeling, I want sexual healing.” I want to say something about that for just a minute.

Most people, in relation to healing, want temporary pleasure whether it be quick sexual pleasure, alcohol, drugs, or something that they will seek over and over again. Once again, these pleasures are temporary. Only God can give you permanent satisfaction.

Maybe you’re looking for temporary healing through a quick fix. Pardon my grammar, but it ain’t gonna work. I’m here to help you in any way I can, so please go to my page on this site and contact me via email, etc. I also encourage you to subscribe to our newsletter as we are putting together real-life resources that are designed to help you in multiple aspects of life. A box pops up on this site, so enter your email address and click subscribe. We will be sending out information within the next few weeks. We look forward to helping you.

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