Some People Need To Just Get A Real Life…Like, Looky Here! World On Hold Right This Way…

So yesterday around lunch time I shut My blog down and decided to walk down to the ocean and hit the Majic Mart for a few items. I am standing in line behind this lady for like 5 minutes while she decides which dang scratch off she fancies that day. I was bored and a little frustrated as were the people behind me. So I admit it, I did something a little childish – I was making this kind of  LOSER sign ( Just the L) with my hand then turning around and laughing with the others. ( But in a Christian way)

I get busted / She makes a quick turn around like she could feel the wind from my fingers. When she turns around I notice she has on this tank top which has this written on it in big letters ‘ Eat, Sleep. Blog, Repeat “ then she looked at me like she was waiting for some big apology. So I said ” lady, I am sorry for mocking you, but some of us have other things to tend to then scanning every Florida scratch off ticket ever made”. She did not care for my apology and we parted ways. I am walking towards the house and glance at my watch, and realizing how much time I wasted -almost an entire hour, my schedule-BLOWN.

I just threw my hands up in the air and said out loud to myself-

” Thanks a lot woman. There goes any chance of me getting my two more posts in before dinner!” 

I forgave her and all in my heart, but I just think people should be more considerate


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