Should You Tell Your Kids That You Have Screwed Up? Or That You Have Had Struggles In Life?

Whether it’s an addiction you faced or are facing now or some really stupid thing you did, more than likely your offspring will hear about it at some point in their lives. Do you want the information to get to them accurately , or from many ears and mouths before it makes its way to your children?

We have all heard about the game where kids sit in a line and the kid on one end is told a piece of information, and then it is passed down the row from kid to kid until maybe 15 sets of ears later the final child hears it and is asked to reveal what the info was.

For example, the information given to the first child might be this;

“A stretchy sailboat cruised all the way across the water for the crew to get a meal”

By the end of the line the sentence has become this;

” A sexy sailboat cruised all the way across the water for the boss to nailed “

So here is your real question; do you wish for your children to here the truth? Or take your chances in the family gossip circle?

Your kids will respect you very much if you tell them the truth. When I had to do it, I also included a plan of action to remedy the situation as well, and of course follow through.

I highly recommend that route. Just food for thought..



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