I recently had someone tell me how shocked she was that a particular couple was no longer together because everything looked so good on Facebook. Are you laughing too?

It is so easy to portray things to be one way when they are another. I can especially testify to this in the church. We put on our “Sunday best”, carry our big Bible, use all the Christian lingo, pray out loud based on something we heard from someone else, and everyone thinks we are spiritual. The truth is that we know how to play the game. Some of the most godly people I know are those who look like they would dismember you. 
I was trained to look and act a certain way because “that’s what good preachers do”. Then my life was torn apart, and a counselor got all up in my business. He told me that I needed to be authentic. I warned him that the authentic I was feeling at that time was not “what good church people (especially pastors) say”. He still encouraged me to be real because I would never move past the anger if I continued to fake my way through what was supposed to be the healing process.

I feel like everyone’s life has become a reality tv show. We parade our lives on social media with pictures of us going into debt with purchases we can’t afford, smiling with people we don’t like, and making people envious of lives that are completely fake.

Is there a place where you can be yourself without fear? You should be able to be who you truly are with your faith family. The sad thing I hear is that many people do not affiliate with a church because they cannot be real about their addictions or struggles. 

In the near future, Overcomers Church (the church God called me to plant in January) will have an online presence. I can guarantee that it will be a different experience. We are not trying to be like any other church. We just want to be a safe place where people can learn, grow, and serve. We are praying that our online ministry will be a way for people to reconnect with a faith family who have experienced hurt in the institutionalized church.

If I can be of help to you, please contact me. You can find my contact info on the blog page. It’s time to take off the mask, trash it, and be the person God designed you to be without fear.

I Thought The Liberals Could Not Stoop Any Lower After The Hits On Trumps 10 Year Old Son -Until This. I will be there at church

The Lowest Form- The Liberals

Just when you think you have seen it all, something comes from left field. There is a man on his deathbed – 0 to life. Trump wants to offer up prayers and well wishes and would you believe who interrupts even that? Yep – The Left- over Libs.


Best Trump Speech Yet -How Awesome -He Calls Out All The Loser Media Outlets And Makes Them Look Even More Stupid Then They Are…Watch In Vimeo..


Words Don’t Lie- Here is What Liberals Are Fighting To Have In Our Country. How Obama Started The Problem We Have Today- On Purpose.

The Disgusting Truth About Obama’s First Love- Islam

Click Above To Listen 

If there is still anyone out there that just cannot make up their mind’s as to whether Obama had one purpose in mind as president -to bring islam and sharia law into the USA, then take a listen to the words of his own mouth.

It’s no secret anymore what you have done to this country and got half of it believing your lies about Islam and peace. One day when you meet the real true Living God you’ll have an eternity to think about the things that you’ve done and promoted through sharia law like selling off six year old girls and mutilating genitalia in  the name of allah.

All Alone At The Local Cafe This Morning For Breakfast….And I Like It.

I have an appointment this morning but it was one of those mornings when I was ready to rock and roll like an hour and a half before I needed to be. I got tired of looking at the clock, out the window,  so I decided to go early, and sit down in the cafe nearby my appointment. It’s a quaint and very nice place with cherrywood floors, art lined walls and fresh baked pies.

It’s owned and run by a Jewish family, who happen to all be there and working the place. It is a neat place, I snapped a pic of one if the corners to show you.  

With all the nice things and friendly faces, good food and all, I still felt something was missing. For a while I could not pinpoint it, but then it struck me . A few things are missing. 

1- Drama


3- Complaining 

The things that I was missing were things that often occur when people get together with unstructured time on their hands. I liked it. I didn’t have that uneasy feeling you get when a person is doing their best to gossip with you-  but your not biting. That gut feeling of being uncomfortable when a person is trying to get a fire started so the group can establish some amount of drama.

What started out as a lonely,  poor me -having breakfast alone morning, has concluded as a total hour of pure peace. Just nothing but enjoying my breakfast. Its a shame I noticed it. It seems like it should be the other way around -a rarity to NOT be at peace in the company of others.