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(This is a red letter post)


That water can be energized with just your mind.  It can also be purified at a distance.  Even more interesting is that a Japanese scientist ran experiments that proved that emotions can be carried by water.  He impressed emotions on the water by speaking to it.  Then he froze the water and took pictures of the crystalline content.  If the emotion was a positive one, it created a perfectly symmetrical shaped crystal.  Each crystal was different, depending upon the emotion.  Negative emotions only showed a confused and disarrayed structure.

Since the human body is made up of mostly water, consider the impact that you are having on a person´s health by the emotions you express.

Yeah – just that little tidbit…deep breath- and hold….deep breath – and hold..

Its true too! Only from the secret files of Mike Carey! LOL


( Late edit- I forgot to mention where you can reach Mike for help with your own personal health issues. and his website is

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