Are You Happy Liberals? Don’t You Wish Now You Had Listened To The Thinkers? 

Left-overs , 

Are you sure there is nothing else you can do to further their cause of killing Americans?  Perhaps you could do something other than give them full air time and full support for Sharia  law rights in America,  and all the rights that a good hearted, peaceful   muslim terrorist should have. Keep defending them . 

Perhaps a night of drinks and goats might seal the deal?

Do you think by killing (literally) people you are ” getting back”  at Trump? Gee – good thinking… The brotherhood will give a pass to  one.. a members himself,  Obama.

  You  think you’re going to get a high five and special pass when they blast through your area to slaughter your family?  Either way you answer that means your stupid. Think about it.

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