3-2-1 …” My  Friend Went Back To Gangs And Drugs After Being Molested By Father Alberto, Then To A Two Year Prison Term.

Shortly after that I had a car accident which left me somewhat depressed and without a vehicle. I only had the father and one other brother in the church who helped me during that time. My depression and low self-esteem pushed  me closer to Fa

ther Alberto, the  only one who in those days I believed was like my father and was there to support me but, who would  instead of take advantage of me and my situation.

The accident brought many changes in my life some good and some a little bad. First I could not attend church constantly or as I did before since I didn’t have the transportation to do so and I also had to retire from the youth group for almost a year I kept constant communication with the father who very kindly invited me to come eat at his house knowing I did not have money for that. Only I who lived my experiences can feel what I feel right at this moment because only I know the changes that occurred in my mental spiritual and psychological environment after this happened next. I remember very well that the insurance gave me a car to drive while I got mine back. One day while traveling from the father’s house to eat I had mentioned how much my back brace hurt from the accident and he offered to give me a massage.

At this time I still did not know what happened to my friend and I didn’t have any confirmation what happened to the other friend if it was true or not so naive and trusting in his sincere love as a father love to Son I accepted. As we entered of the room he asked me to take off my shirt and pants. That’s where she rub my back and was going to go down to my buttocks when I said no. He then asked me to turn around so he could massage my legs. At that moment my confidence in him faded and something told me this was not right.

The way he rubbed near my genitalia caused  me an erection as is common   in males – I tried to cover myself with my hands but he took my hands off and said it’s okay, it’s okay, don’t worry.  He  continued  to try touch my penis and stick his hands through the hole in my boxers.

At that moment I said no and got up I wish I had been annoyed, but  no I was disappointed I was torn apart and very depressed I just told him father do not ever do that with me I got up and went home that day I went home and drank alcohol and cried like never before.

Why had he done that to me after trusting him with my sexual abuse story from when I was only seven years old. Why did he betray my confidence after I looked at him as a father?  For how long had he  lied to me. I wonder if he had been planning it all along.  It  hurt my heart to know that everything was a  farce and that he had been planning it all along he wanted to take advantage of the fact that I did not have money to pay my rent or eat.


(  Image My Add )

I decided to look for my friends from before and asked him what happened with them and they said it was all true. We had all been taken advantage of for a long time.





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