3-2-1…” And I remember very well it was a Saturday I entered confession with Father Alberto, for the very first time….(this is it)

NOTE- I have either made bold, or made italic anything that is related to the term ” grooming” -which is a term used to describe a behavior pedophiles demonstrate all the time. Grooming is the process of building a trust, or allegiance that is covered in guilt, so there is little chance anyone would talk. You can see by some of the statements I have made bold or italic where either Gondek was grooming, or the youth were showing they were buying it.

…and he touched my leg in a strange way . I assumed it must be like a fatherly type of love”



(This is the first statement to be released that has documented the events over a two year period with Father  ” Alberto”  Gondek, and the most recent 6 boys he molested. I will share a little each day as time permits. All of this in this post is being dictated in type from the actual victim who spoke up and was deported to Mexico as a punishment. It is uncensored and exactly as I read it. -I will try to add a bit each day until it is finished.)


… After the retreat weekend I was invited to watch the Mexico vs Argentina game on TV at Father Alberto’s house with some other boys. Without any other option since my friends were going I went. Arriving at his home in Lexington,  North Carolina I was very surprised and it made me very displeased to realize that he let everyone drink alcohol in his house.. not only that but also distributed it as if it was something normal. He gave me an erroneous idea of both the priests and those in charge of the retreat.

Not too long after that a man name Guillermo came to me and invited me to be a part of the youth leaders and something in the Catholic Church they had going on. I agreed although I had already heard that Guillermo and Father Alberto we’re in a loving relationship and that supposedly father bought him things in exchange for sexual favors.

I had to confront Guillermo about that- so I did and he said they are all rumors and he is a good person – then he asked me

don’t you see how supportive he is of the Hispanic community?I had to admit he was very nice to this Hispanic population.

On one of my next visits to Lexington to work in Easter book,  father Alberto walked up to me and asked me for my phone number- he said it would he would help me with my school and as a father figure. By then he already knew some of my life through Guillermo and the conversations we had had. 

As I got to know the members of the youth ministry there were many rumors about the father being gay, having a relationship with Guillermo- among many others. Honestly at this point I was on the father’s side… Because in a very intelligent way father Alberto had earned my trust and love. I believed admired and defended him from all rumors.

I believed that he was a noble and honest person. Several times we traveled to his parish and many times the Father invited us to eat his house. Many times the father offered us alcohol .His phone calls become more constant to me everyday, day by day. When I did not answer he would make comments to me “oh you don’t love me anymore”.

Another thing I learned very quickly was that father Alberto did not like men having girlfriends according to him we would lose focus from our service. I heard him ask if Guillermo had a girlfriend several times and many times he told me myself if he discovered I had a girlfriend I better not talk to him anymore.

As  my relationship with the father continued I had heard more and more rumors of many of the boys going over there and getting massages or alcohol and that father Alberto told them the same thing about having a girlfriend. One night when I was over there with them again,  father Alberto serving alcohol and he came out and asked all of us who would like a massage. I refused and was very upset.

All the sudden recently in the next few days you started being very nice to me and helping with great support. He showed me and helped me with school work,  gave me money for gas and invited me to visit and eat at  his house.  He even helped with financial issues for school. I felt more and more in debt to him and grateful to him everyday and he reminded me. At this time I trusted him and appreciated him as my own father so I continue to defend him and believe in him despite the rumors because with me so far he had always kept his silence and distance.

By this time I was friends with all of the youth and we often spent time together. I remember on Halloween the father lent  us all some costumes so we went over to his home and got  costumes for all of us. He offered us all to come in and sleep at his house after we were done with our Halloween parties and things, so we all did so we could hang out another night together.

The next morning I remember very well that several of the other guys were very disturbed and quiet but they weren’t speaking at all. 

One of my friends only would speak terribly of him and almost immediately after that night he went right back to his life of drugs and gangs that he came out of as he got involved more in the church. He never came back.

It was months later when I ran into him again and he actually told me what happened that during that night. Father Alberto  had talked him into a massage in the other room and got him into his boxers.. and then onto onto a table to lay down and give him a massage. Even though he resisted Father forced his hand in his boxers and touched his penis until he had an erection which he did not want. He told me it was near the point of the ejaculation before he got away. Now , right after that he was on the streets again, running with old gang members and doing drugs to ease his pain..


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  1. Thank you for talking about this…I find myself failing when I bring what happened to me up. So just so things seem better, I don’t think about. I do believe it is better to bring it out than keep it in. In which I already did my part. I know this has happened to many. So we talk about it address them like they do drug dealers….Make it A CRiME not a secret. So thank you….You are a Hero

      1. Working not letting it take me down a path of self destruction. For some reason I always feel everything is my fault. Im trying to love me again…and except..that not everybody will understand why I forgive. I suppose what I am saying is..forgiveness shouldn’t feel bad.

      2. I told what was happening…it stopped..and He apologized. There are people that don’t do that. When a person that has hurt you..says sorry and you can tell they mean it in such a contrite way…it makes you see right through them…I know the difference in genuine and fake. I cherish genuine and contrite hearts….they are part of the Holy Spirit.

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