Chris Cornell Hangs Himself- Benzo Blamed…Again

Benzo Claims Another Life-Rockstar


If you take any benzo’s like Xanax or Lorazapam Chris Cornell did, you really need to be careful. Looking back I cannot believe I am living after popping 4mg of Xanax per night prescribed by my doctor for 5 years. This is not confirmed yet but t does not need to be. This killer drug epidemic with opiates and benzos is out of control.
The saddest part of all of it is the biggest fight to regulate this stuff comes from their own maker$.



    1. Illuminati? Wow – not sure how that would have inside info? lol I do know you cant blame a benzo on a hanging..if you were that out of it, how could you even manage, not to mention thats like saying he drank too much and hung himself, so sue Miller beer. It seems like the guy was depressed and either planned it or a very last minute thing because it was right after a show and he knew he would talk to his wife…one other odd thing i that she said he was slurring his words, an she knew he took that med, why did she panic to the point of calling for an immediate room check? If my wife did that each time i slurred when I used benzos, I would have had company every single night…

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