UPDATE- NC PRIEST FATHER GONDEK STILL ON LOOSE- Professor Says Not So Fast On All The Accolades For Spotlight Movie…More To It…

This is an  important update on the Lexington North Carolina Catholic Clergy case involving Father Albert Gondek. If you have not been following you can get caught up by viewing previous posts on this topic. I am not getting into the ugly details as promised I would do today, only because this post and that one need to be separate. I will be resuming tomorrow on releasing just what Father Gondek did and many details .

This post is simply for y’all to have a timeline from day one…official timeline. Media timeline. Below is the link to the 2015 announcement that the Our Lady Of The Rosary church in Lexington NC would suspend Father Gondek after allegations were made by a young man that he and friends were repeatedly molested by Gondek over a 2 year period. In the public statement to FOX channel 8 David Haine the director of something that pays real good in the NC diocese says he needs “a couple of weeks ” to investigate. No public or private statements have ben made to date. So instead of ” a couple of weeks” it has now been around 75 weeks give or take a month.


If link won’t open skip it. It’s on my end.

I have checked with every agency in the Charlotte area from the Lexington police department to the child welfare department to states attorney . I have contacted the Charlotte Observer and every major television affiliate… none of them heard of Gondek, and none of them cared to hear about him. They had no interest in taking a report ( Lexington NC Police head detective was notified 3x by me that I had evidence of at least 6 boys being molested over 3 year period by Gondek.

It was clear I was the only one interested in finding out the truth and that worried me and still worries me – on several levels. I am hoping they were all just lazy.

Its been a year and a half since David Haine announced the need for 2 weeks for an investigation – after pressing the NC diocese for answers on what the outcome of their ” investigation” was I got an email from David Harold , another highly paid director of something that nobody really knows. I posted his response.. Gondek was guilty, and his harsh Catholic Penalty for molesting 7 boys over 2 years was an early paid retirement and a promise to pray and do penance. Yep. I know its harsh.

Highest paid repeat child sex predator in history…Father Albert Gondek Lexington. NC. Diocese director Peter Jugis can’t seem to find the words to explain why Gondek is again guilty and highly rewarded for it…Let’s make him tell us. Call the Our Lady of The rosary Catholic church in Lexington NC and tell someone in the congregation what’s up…they haven’t been told either..


I asked what law agency was handling the prosecution and he said none. Since that time I have been pressing him for the public announcement for Gondek’s parish and for the sake of all the 12 year olds in NC. We need at least to know where he is. The head pedo-phile ( I mean bishop) has just not been able to string any words together to tell the public the outcome of their investigation. I recently asked David Harold to share the bigshot bishop’s name so I could call on him to DEMAND a public answer to what has happened in the Father Albert Gondek case.

I am posting the response I got with the bishops name in NC who is supposed to be making an announcement 73 weeks ago….

I am hoping that if me and a few thousand of my closest friends (you all) lean on him a little he may be forced to quit chasing little boys around the altar and make a statement. I am dying to hear what he comes up with, since I have a 4 page detailed statement from the poor guy who spoke up and got deported to MEXICO 2 weeks after he talked.

Yep I forgot to tell the old pervert that part. Actually you all are the first ones going to hear the ugly details as I will start sharing them here until we get answers. If any of you happen to be Catholic or have Catholic family or friends look at it this way- he could be grooming your own family member’s kid as we sit here. We don’t know where he is, and none of the world knows who he is.

Heck usually if a sex  predator is found guilty of 1 sex crime on a child, the whole neighborhood knows and they have to register why do the hardest core-sickest ones get passes? We need to know where he is.

I know of one guy that is dead because Gondek molested him.  My own brother. And that was 20 years ago here in Florida. I found Gondeks sick letters to my younger brother and then understood why Danny left the letters where I could find them before he shot himself. So if we know of 8 that Gondek has for sure molested there must be 100. Do the math.

Peter Jugis as it states in the email on this post is the bishop who wont show his face and tell what the Gondek case revealed. If you can do something, call the NC diocese, write a letter or best would be if about 1000 or more of us took 15 minutes to call the ABC, CBS or NBC Charlotte NC stations and DEMAND coverage.. you see the media MUST go where their audience demands. I say the first affiliate to see it through we all will recognize them on our individual blogs for doing something.


Below is an article by Dr. William Baker who sees things as I know them to be, but he doesn’t have the proof. I do. I’ve tried to get a message to him at Fordham University in New York but no response. Maybe if he knew he has a few thousand supporters out there he would act….

So please do what you can..in the next day or 2 I will be releasing all the details about what Gondek did to these poor kids and their families.

Professor Says Not So Fast To Spotlight Awards


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