Why Are People So Sensitive These Days?? Is It Me? I Think NOT!

So check this out one of my very close buds and I were chatting yesterday at the ocean.- We were just kickin it each leaning up against our cars with our arms folded just talking about how different things are now then 10 years ago…

So we each had some goals we had set-some personal and some professional. He is very successful and easily a millionaire. So I am congratulating him right? He stops our talk and walks to the back of my truck and starts STARING at my bumper. I am like ” uh, whats up? First time up close with a bumper..—–  or  w  h..a..t.??

He gets his smug on and throws me one of those head shakes but without a word – you know the kind. Its like whatever you did is just soooo stupid that the words cannot crawl out of the pie hole of the other guy.. but I was not letting it go so I pressed him. He’s like ” Yo, you think its necessary to have a bumper sticker that says ” Ask me how I got to TRIPLE digits” on your truck? He was like ” I know your proud of what you have achieved and all but why must you tell everyone you make over 100K / Annually?

I broke out laughing – I was like ” look who is the idiot now?”  Dude, it has nothing to do with my annual income! Do you think I would be stupid enough to put a sticker on there if ALL I DID was make 100k?? Yuk Yuk-

It goes deeper then that brotherman  -I run in different circles then you aaight? I put my hand on his shoulder, to comfort him..I could tell he was like ” oh man am I embarrased”

“Triple digits, in my world, the world of Professional Blogging is code for my co-bloggers- to let them know they are cruising next to a guy who has over 100 followers!”

In the blogging world that’s like being Stephen King but without the whole demon possession thing.”

My man just froze up- like below -fade to black…


I just dropped it and he kind of drove off quickly- I am SURE totally embarrassed.

Hey Y’all- lets face it- not everybody’s got it like we do- that’s just how we roll…am I right?


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