Gather  Round Folks-  Ya”ll Might Wanna Witness This ..

Well , I’m not one to brag.. But I would like to point out one small piece of information that I’m very proud of on this day. It seems that my writing has become so electric, so  irresistible- and just gripping in general that I am now able to command comments on my post without the presence of any viewers or visitors….

This here  is an actual screen shot just take a few minutes ago..  And yes, I do know you can figure out how many visitors I had today and yesterday.

And do I care, NO!

More important is what is not present ..readers …lol

Go  ahead, poke around , kick my tires and look at the data….is it not worthy of viral YouTube status??

**And by the way, if your one of those techy types that’s going to send me a message explaining why, technologically this happened and really is not such a big deal. Please don’t– let me enjoy my moment.


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