This Just In-CNN Breaks Story That Trump Takes 2 Scoops Of Ice Cream! 

I recently told a colleague of mine – ” watch out mocking CNN- they WILL eventually take the gloves off and show you just what they have.” I am sorry I was right..

Always hard hitting , but sometimes downright amazing, CNN has yet again proven its point about President Trump being in this for pure greed.

They caught him with 2 Scoops…and I don’t care who you know in Washington, there is no justifying that.

As you all know I am a Trump man- but as a professional journalist- the truth must come out. Below ( and yes I have seen the Baskin-Robbins footage that CNN shot) is the cone President Trump takes….



Ans here is what the staffers are given to hold them over..

( this is already hard for me to watch, so I would appreciate you libbys taking it easy on the shots to me)