Who Do We Think And Believe The Things We Do?

I can’t figure out if we’re more like people or more like people that take three or four steps forward and start all over again  three or four steps forward and start all over again.  Do we do it to sabotage our own ships us or we just ignorant and some areas.  This brief post is about why we actually do and say some of the things we do and say and why we believe them also. It always amazes me how people will basically believe anything that is told to them. We think we are so smart and on the edge of everything in this day and age and then the next we know it a 10 year old has outsmarted us or an adult that we trusted has not been trustworthy. So when do we completely stop believing anybody and do we if ever.

We become sheeple,,the sheep mock us even..

 There’s a story  of a guy who came home after a Long Day’s Work ready for the holiday. His wife was just putting the Easter ham in the oven. He saw that she was slightly upset and asked her what was wrong period She said oh nothing I’ve just been a half an hour to find that stupid pan to put the ham in.

But, she  finally found it and got it in the oven. So the rest of the family came over and  ate dinner. While chatting around the dinner table the conversation came up  the rough time that the wife had finding all the necessary materials to make the meal. 

 The mother-in-law said- well you’ve got many many pots and pans in there, why didnt you just grab another? 

The lady  looked at her mother-in-law kind of confused and and said ” I don’t know!  For generations it has been a family tradion to use it.”

I really have no idea why.  Im going to phone my mother who after 40 years of cooking Easter dinner – called it quits and passed it down to her daughter ( me)   Finally the lady had called her old elderly mom  and they gave me that I gave my daughter I don’t know why.

” mama can you tell me why when you pass this Easter pan for ham baking I down to me years ago that it was such a family tradition that you used it for almost four decades and I’ve used it now and what is the tradition mama? 

Tradition? Mama said. Sugar-  the only reason I used that pot for my hams all these years  cuz none of my other pots and pans could hold the size ham we needed. it on the pan I could use wouldn’t fit in my bigger pots.

I think it was Ronald Reagan who said “trust but verify”  I can’t think of any better words for this situation.

If you’ve read the front page of my blog you’ve seen evidence that the pharmaceutical companies in the United States absolutely refused to give away the rights to advertise on television why is that because they know we are humans and especially capable of having our opinions swayed and persuaded according to the media..


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