The ” Ice Cream Man” & ” ” The Landscapers”

Last  week I introduced  you to the two primary types of stalkers. Although they can be very scary and spooky -most of the time those stalkers are in it for their own unkown thrills and they usually run away as fast as possible when spotted, with a bizarre smile or giggle noticesble. The behavior of these two stalkers indicates it’s a high probability their functioning level is that of a six to eight greater.

Today’s overview will be on the third and fourth type of stalkers. I call  them the ice cream man and the landscapers -although any profession can be apply.  The difference between these two stalkers and the first two are primarily that they have an intense plan in their minds on what they would like to do , and follow through with . Their intent is not  just to scare somebody. The downside to their plan is usually getting so imvolved  in visualizing how things wil go – they forget to keep their act up.

The irony here is that while in the beginning they could pass as a  professional or just a common man getting an ice cream cone, when they fall into their own trap of getting so intensely involved in visualizing their crime- they become a standout and are easily noticed because of their own behavior. In this case this man is clearly frozen in his thoughts.

You might notice with the ice cream man that at some point the  cone stops looking  like a snack.  It clearly represents something else now. It could be just me but whenever you see somebody eating an ice cream cone and it causes you to be disturbed after a few minutes -there’s a problem.

These  stalkers are usually highly intelligent even hold professional positions and also concurrently might be being treated for serious mental health issues such as psychosis or the like. They are very apathetic and on a side note oftentimes will communicate with themselves using  ittle grunts or code words imitate ticks or other little noises that they make to themselves. ..

The main point today is If you spot somebody that appears to be doing a normal daily function but it’s frozen and that function and seems to be dead set on some other thing going on around them you need to check that out and take a quick look over what’s going on. These people are serious and they will not be afraid to risk their careers or families in order to accomplish their goals. The friendly landscaper will cut you up like another day at the office.

If you encounter one of these men at any  time,  do not attempt to apprehend them or talk to them. Contact your local authorities immediately.

That’s all for today in our new Stalker Series .


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