Breaking News -Missing Link Spotted Outside San Francisco Club..

San Francisco CA..-

Word has it that the controversial Missing Link was actually spotted just outside of San Francisco transexual club  acting  erotic  and erratic.  

A guest at the club said that he and his new found friend ” Link ”  had a lengthy conversation in which Link said he has spent much of the last decade in the USA..

During the  conversation he purportedly announced he would be identifying soon as a sheep  – and running for office declaring as a democratic liberal..


  1. I love Link! Of course he will register as a liberal Democrat. You’ve indicated he could carry on a lengthy conversation; clearly, he can dance; and he apparently has managed to avoid groping any women or insulting any minorities — all things that our current Idiot in Chief has demonstrated he cannot do!

    1. Oh , breathing too heavy when you’re talking to a woman that suddenly occur occurs after 21 years in a new place is groping? Perhaps we could compare to the leftist to swear they’re leaving the country if Trump won but I can’t find any of them.. even high treason himself … or Hillary have you seen them..

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