WHOO -HOO! Celebrate With Me People-I Got My First Hate Mail!!

Um,  Hello fellow members ! I’m in the club!

 I feel like doing a derge, or a jig, or whatever ! Each day like a desperate lonely outsider who just wants to play with the big bloggers I scan any comments waiting for anything the slight bit nasty . I admit desperation had  set in..

 Even a nonlike– I was trying to justify as hate mail..but nothing …that is until yesterday. I scanned and BOOM! BANG!#

Like Bill felt when Hillary walked in the cigar party!  It was awesome .No lame little  ” I didn’t care for your ..” blaah blaah…

This one caught me off guard even got me a little sideways,  in a good way..fired up! I grabbed my traditional celebratory meal and sat down to soak it in..

It was like a scene from Batman-  ” First hit -“Don’t Label My Kid is a stupid name..  #BOOM, ZAM!

Hit me hard straight out the gate. Next..classic ..”Glass Houses is …kind of a VANILLA name…Vanilla? Ouch!!

For the take down this  ” you should go on Yahoo and look at pictures to add to your site and add some…( wait for it…)  TOUCH!”

For a perfect ending to a beautiful experience of hearing that  my choice of titles were Vanilla and all..it just said 






Don’t even say it – don’t go there. Don’t be a dream killer. It was Real Hate Mail. And I’m sure BERTHA is a real name. 

But what does ” ubenhad” mean?? Guess her last name. Anyways thanks for sharing my moment . ..Family..

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