I Think I Might Have Found A Clue As To The Mystery Of Pedophile Rings In The Catholic church.. 

Turns out this song is believed to have  been the official warm up song priests have used before all confession “sessions”
I Want You to Want Me- https://g.co/kgs/M1OVXe– Cheap Trick ( how appropriate)

I’m believing that in not too long a whole bunch of prisoners might take it up as THEIR official welcoming theme for many, many Catholic priests..how about y’all?

Oh Mr. Warden,

We do have a special request..could you be so kind as to let our nominee for the ” most deserved” to have the very first dance ?

After all we all voted him ” Most Likely To Be A Giver”  so it’s only fitting that old father Al ( this won’t hurt a bit) Gondek gets first dance…

Thank you sir..


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